Every year, there are 1.2 million tertiary level students spending in average more than RM250 to get their textbooks for study. But, these academic books are expensive and some of it could cost few hundreds each. At the same time, students also struggling to pay their fees, rental and other living costs. Moreover, those who applied for education loan such as PTPTN could had it worse as it may not enough or received late.

Our founder, A.Hakim encountered with this issue as he pursuing his graduate study at local university. He saw some of his friends struggling to get their hands on the books they need due to high price tag which synonym with academic textbook. On the other hands, he also saw the gap where senior students just keeping their used textbook on the shelf without use. He believes if he could bring both sides under a roof, the world could be a better place.

Thus, Bookklik was born. An online marketplace for university student to trade used textbook at ease. Senior student can advertise their unused textbook while fresh year students who are looking for textbook can search through and purchased it directly from their senior. We hope this platform could bring benefits and impacts to many students out there.


Become No.1 education platform in Malaysia.

  • Encourage habit of trading and reuse textbook among students.
  • Provide a safe and friendly online marketplace for students.

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