Every semester we (students) are required to buy books according to the subject of current semester. These books are use throughout the whole semester as our exercises and references. But, they are not cheap, some could reach hundreds each. Plus, based on ours and fellow friends’ experiences; these books are barely being use anymore once we passed that particular subject. Typically, we will store them away afterward, right? Even after we graduated and started our career, the books still there covered by dust.

Derived from such situation, we decided to build an online marketplace where we can sell our used books to ours junior. We believed that books are deserved to be read, not to be still on the shelf. Besides that, we could help our junior save some cash instead of buying brand new book; that they will end up use it for only a short time period. Less concern in financial and access to abundant of learning material could help more student focus on what is actually matter.

We hope Buku2nd will be an efficient platform for nationwide students to sell and buy books for studies.


To be no.1 hub for educational resources in Malaysia.

  • Increase the accessibility of educational resources.
  • Provide a safe and friendly online marketplace for students.

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